Hakataya Daikichi 博多屋大吉

Tokyo / Japanese

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As-salamu Alaikum! HAKATAYA-DAIKICHI is an Izakaya style restaurant, specializing in local cuisine of Hakata city in Fukuoka.

“Izakaya” actually is a restaurant which serves liquor and foods together. However, we believe the essence of Izakaya is not just a menu mix but all the entertaining / relaxing experiences in each restaurants.

It is our goal that Muslim guests as well as all other guests enjoy Izakaya restaurant, so we prepared “Muslim Friendly Menu” with advices and supports by our Muslim staffs.
Please Enjoy IZAKAYA experience with HAKATAYA-DAIKICHI!!

Corridor-gai B1, 6-2 Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo 104-0061 Map

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