SEKAI CAFE -Asakusa- セカイカフェ 浅草店

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【Where people from all over the world (sekai) eat together】

■30 second walk from Kaminarimon, Asakusa! Free wifi and power outlet available.
The cafe is located right next to Kaminarimon Gate, and wifi and power
outlet are available immediately without registration.
We have a wide variety on the menu like the popular steak plate (using
hanging tender halal beef), customizable hamburger, pizza, lamb chop.
We sell Halal ice cream, too.
Take a break at our cafe during Asakusa visit.

■Are you looking for a prayer room in Asakusa?
There are few prayer places in Asakusa.
When you need one, please come to our cafe.
We offer a prayer room without charge.
※If you take a seat at a table, you need to place an order.

■All the meals of our cafe are certified as halal by Japan Halal Foundation.
●Meat and animal derived ingredients are all halal meat.
●We do not use any pork or ingredients that contain alcohol.
 ※There are ingredients that contain a very small amount of alcohol
such as Miso and soy sauce. We use only ones approved by Japan Halal
●We watch all the ingredients we use, both produce and processed foods.
●About alcohol beverages
 ・Storage: All the alcohol beverages are stored in the refrigerator
for the exclusive use of alcohol.
 ・Serve: Alcohol menu is separated from other menu. There are glass
and utensils for the exclusive use of alcohol beverages.
 ・Cleaning: There is a washing process for the exclusive use of glass
and utensils used for alcohol beverages.

SEKAI CAFE, 1-18-8 Asakusa, Taito-ku, Tokyo 111-0032 Map

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