About Us

What is Halal Gourmet Japan?

Knowledge and understanding to Muslims are still very shallow.

We often receive inquiries from Muslims visiting Japan and Muslims living in Japan that they are anxious about food. Halal Gourmet Japan offers information on restaurants and food shops to remove such anxieties as much as possible and have Muslims enjoy eating in Japan.

We would be more than happy if people visiting Japan can enjoy viewing seasonal scenery, enjoy delicious food, come in touch with the spirit of hospitality, and come to like Japan. We will continue to expand more information on stores wishing for Muslims to enjoy meals without any worries.

What is HALAL?

Generally, "HALAL" refers to in Arabic language, and is said to mean "absolved (by god)" in Arabic language.

Although the view of "HALAL" differs depending on each person, it cannot be defined by Japanese people that are not Muslim. Therefore, Halal Gourmet Japan discloses information using pictograms to show what kind of correspondences each store is implementing, and consideration is given to the Muslim customers themselves.

Although HALAL service in Japan is still under development, but the voices of companies willing to host Muslims are spreading across the country. We would like users to understand that all stores have different ideas and thoughts about hosting customers, and enjoy eating in Japan.

History of Halal Gourmet Japan

The project started from meeting a Muslim person in South East Asia.

As I travelled with this person, I learned that Muslims experience trouble when looking for restaurants where they can eat food, and after coming back to Japan, saw many Muslims experiencing hardships. In the wake of this experience, the concept was born of "creating a restaurant searching website where Muslims can enjoy meals".

Many people have been using our service since Halal Gourmet Japan started in July 2014.

We have received various comments such as kind comments and strict indications from users. We would like to make all-out efforts to improve services in order to resolve these problems, so please continue to use services from Halal Gourmet Japan.


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